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Investors got the signal – Investor actions in 2016 since the Paris Climate Agreement. standard

“Investors got the signal.” That’s been the collective response of many of the world’s largest institutional investors since the Paris Climate Agreement was adopted last December, signalling that a low-carbon future has arrived and is accelerating now that the pact has been formally entered into force under international law. Read more

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Global investors launch guide to drive engagement on climate risk with the automotive sector standard

London/Boston/Sydney, 11 October 2016 Less than a week after the UN confirmed the Paris Agreement would come into effect on 04 November this year, a global network of more than 250 institutional investors (representing assets worth over $24 Trn) has published a guide setting out the threats facing the automotive sector and investor expectations for how these companies must shift gear to adapt their business strategies to address climate related risk and build a sustainable low carbon transport system for the future. Launching Investor Expectations of Automotive Companies – Shifting gears to accelerate the transition to low carbon vehicles Stephanie Pfeifer, CEO for European investor network IIGCC said, “This guide signals a new area of concerted engagement between big investors and ...

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The $7.7 trillion transition: major AIGCC report charts Asian climate finance standard

Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) launch: The $7.7 trillion transition: major new report charts Asian climate finance Tuesday  6  September,  Singapore:  To  mark  the  launch  of  the  new  Asia  Investor  Group  on  Climate  Change  (AIGCC)  today  in  Singapore,  the  group  is  releasing  the  most  comprehensive analysis to date of climate finance sector activity in Asia. The  report  – Investing  for  the  climate  in  Asia  C  undertaken  by  Asia  Research  and  Engagement  (ARE),  with  the  support  of  Australia  and  New  Zealand  Banking  Group  Limited  (ANZ),  reviewed  the  disclosure  of  leading  domestic  financial  institutions  across  the  Asia  Pacific  region  to  understand  the  state  of  the  finance  industry’s  response  to  climate change. This review included 36 banks, 30 investors, and 24 insurers. ...

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GIC letter to the TCFD standard

Members of the Global Investor Coalition have sent a letter to the Financial Stability Board’s (FSB) Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), requesting it focus on industries facing a high degree of climate risk, develop a framework to address significant gaps in current climate risk disclosure and increase its engagement with securities regulators and central banks alongside consideration of the effects of climate risk on financial stability. The full letter is available here

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Global investors have strong presence at COP21 standard

U.S., European and Australasian institutional investors pushing for global climate deal that will catalyse low-carbon investment PARIS – Leading global investors from Europe, the United States and Australasia will be in Paris during climate negotiations at COP21, offering their support for a strong agreement aimed at stabilising the climate and avoiding the worst impacts of climate change on the environment and the economy. Institutional investors who are part of the investor networks that make up the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change are among the largest in the world in terms of assets under management, and have been vocal in calling for meaningful carbon pricing and an ambitious climate agreement in Paris. Click here to download a copy of the ...

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Investors write to G7 Governments on long term reduction target standard

For the attention of the Finance Ministers of the Group of Seven (G-7) As institutional investors responsible for managing the retirement savings and investments of millions of people or managing endowments, we believe climate change is one of the biggest systemic risks we face. With the right market signals from policy makers, investment in low-carbon and climate resilient opportunities can flow and climate impacts and resulting economic damages can be mitigated. An ambitious agreement in Paris with the aim to limit average global temperature increase to 2°C, as agreed previously by UN countries in Cancun, is a critical first step in this direction. We therefore urge you to support: A long-term global emissions reduction goal in the Paris agreement; The ...

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