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Who should enter data into the LCI Registry?

The LCI Registry is a database of low carbon and emissions reducing investments made by institutional investors. Accordingly all entries in the LCI Registry are to be made from the perspective of the asset owner (e.g. pension funds, master trusts or insurance companies). Asset managers may assist their clients, with their approval, to enter data into the LCI Registry.

What are the principles to consider when entering data to the LCI Registry?

In choosing to contribute to the LCI Registry, we urge you to consider these three guiding principles.

  • Inclusion: At least contribute the easily-identifiable low carbon investments in your portfolio.
  • Completeness: We acknowledge that the LCI Registry will not be a complete set of low carbon investment data and will take some time to grow.
  • Integrity: Participants should ensure that their share of an investment is only entered once, from the perspective of the asset owner.
What happens to my data once I have inputted it to the LCI Registry?
  • Check the data is accurate and complete.
  • Submit your data by clicking “Submit” button.
  • You will receive an email for each record you complete and submit.
  • Once submitted, staff from the regional investor networks will check it. You may be contacted via the email address that you provided to clarify particular data entered.
  • For amounts over $500 million, we will contact you via email to check data submitted before publishing.
  • Investor network staff will publish your entries and so it may take a day or two for your entries to become public.
  • If at a later stage you discover that you need to change or remove data submitted, email the contact in your region with the changes that need to be made.
Will this data be made public?

As the data, once published will be available for viewing by other investors and eventually the public, users are encouraged to check that they are legally able to disclose and submit data to the LCI Registry and in the format requested.

Registry data will inform analysis on the low carbon investment priorities of Investors and be used in dialogue with governments about policies leading to a low carbon economy (e.g. climate, emissions or energy policies).

How do I recognize an eligible investment to add to the LCI Registry?

Where possible, we have drawn on existing industry definitions and guidance (for example, the use of a framework based on the draft Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) taxonomy for low carbon investments) rather than developing new ones.

The LCI Registry Taxonomy of eligible investments is available for your information. These definitions will be periodically reviewed for any material changes required to capture newly eligible investments.

Where the investor is unsure of the project details or there are multiple low carbon projects in a single asset (e.g. a low carbon fund), data can be entered in the “Multiple” section by type of investment.

Low Carbon Investment Entry Form

We encourage you to read the User Guide before making entries to the LCI Registry.

This is where you enter details about your low carbon investments. Be as specific as you can.

For details and FAQs on how to make an entry please go to the Introduction and FAQs.

We encourage participants to see that their share of a project/investment is only entered once by having the ultimate asset owner (e.g. pension fund as a fiduciary) enter the data in the Registry.

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